Garden and Terraces

We do not use chemical treatments in the garden which is developed in a very rural style. Surrounded by hedges planted by us, we also created different spaces (kitchen-herbs, orchard, meadow for sheep). To avoid chemical herbicides, we have covered garden paths with small white gravel which will remain visible for some time. But very soon we will have dense and harmonious vegetation that will completely cover the paths and enhance the natural country style garden. At the rear of the house there is a small forest that protects us against winds from the west. In our orchard field we have two sheep grazing quietly together. A piece of fallow land is still waiting for us to create a vegetable garden. The north side of the garden is planted with bushes, shrubs, trees and grass which we are able to access easily with a tractor to stock our heating wood. 


 The orchard with fruit trees where our neighbour's sheep graze 

s n-w hout

                                  The garden to the north with some of the stock of wood for heating                              

s inula uitzicht

The Inula blooms 


Around the house we have three terraces for most weather circumstances, depending on the time of year and the need for sun or shade. If you want more privacy, you can always find a little corner in the garden. 


terras noord lang

                                The north terrace is very nice when it is very hot. You have a beautiful view 

                                of the fields and forests. In this photo you can see our little forest 50 metres away. 


The east terrace, sheltered from the west wind                                                           

zuidterras met zitje


The south facing terrace is nice in spring, autumn and winter. Even in winter, when the wind is not too strong and the sun is shining, you can sit outside.


borage met pel stokrozen 2013

                                                                                                  Borage flowering abundantly                                                    Hollyhocks leaning against the house

alberic barbier


                                                                   Climbing roses at the entrance

More beautiful views surrounding our house                                 

uitzicht op het zuid-oosten

koolzaadvelden in mei met dak huis

Our Animal Friends