Bedroom "Rose"

"Rose" is situated on the south side of the house. It is a large room measuring 4.75 x 4.75 metres. It is furnished simply and comfortably with the following amenities:

  • A large bed - 1.80 x 2.00 metres for 2 people
  • A built-in wardrobe with hanging space for clothes
  • A table with 4 chairs
  • A sofa
  • Reading lamp and side lights
  • We can provide a foldable baby's cot on this room
  • Private bathroom

De Rozenkamer

You can read quietly in your room


                                                                   If you prefer to remain alone, you can eat in your room       


A large bed of 1.80 x 2.00metres

Reasonable price for both rooms

If you wanted to hire both rooms with friends or with your children, the second room would be charged at a lower rate.

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