The Meals


We can offer you dinner (table d'hôtes) on request. You eat with us and also with any other guests who are staying. 

We offer a home made meal of three courses. Wherever possible we use local and organic produce and herbs from our aromatic garden. As we live in an isolated area away from the shops, we would appreciate it if you would inform us as soon as possible if you want to eat with us and whether you would prefer a vegetarian meal. 

At dinner you can get to know other people in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. Depending on the weather, we can eat inside or outside. 

Dîner sur la terrasse nord

Dinner on the north terrace on a hot summer evening 

A day in the kitchen of "Vinea Mea" 


A spacious kitchen in which to prepare meals. A lot of the kitchen is constructed from local Burgundian stone. The kitchen opens onto the terrace. 


In winter, we cook on the wood stove. It is very comfortable and warm. The warmth and aroma of the dishes spreads throughout the kitchen. 

Fresh organic market vegetables

IMG_6552 IMG_7592

All kinds of lettuce                                                                          Beans in two colours     



 Borlotti beans                                                                                 Fennel, carrots and squash

Dishes for a hot summer evening 

courgettekrans laatstIMG_7971


Bread preparation                                                                        The courgette-crown bread is ready 


First course


Beetroot and market goat's cheese and even more good things in small packages just out of the oven. A cream of chickpeas with red beetroot goes very well with the courgette-crown bread    

Main course 

sperciebonen beignets en citroenkipIMG_8350


In the foreground, fried green beans, baked lemon chicken, cold spaghetti with pesto salad (not shown). A light and delicious meal. 



Cooked raspberries with a layer of cream and caramelized almonds 

We wish you "bon appetit"